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More facts can be found into this February 13th zodiac birthday analysis.

February 12222 – Planetary Overview: Major Astrological Aspects and Transits

February 13 horoscope and zodiac sign meanings. Go through this profile of someone born under February 13 horoscope and you will find interesting information such as Aquarius sign traits, love compatibilities and normal match, Chinese zodiac characteristics as well as an entertaining personality descriptors chart and a lucky features chart in health, love or family.

Horoscope and zodiac sign meanings. There are a few important characteristics of the western zodiac sign linked with this birthday, we should start with: The connected horoscope sign with February 13 is Aquarius. It sits between January 20 and February Aquarius is symbolized by Water-bearer. Astrology reveals the effect of planets on Sagittarius today. Today, you will be able to take the first step towards discharging an obligation or return a favour. This can be mental, financial or spiritual.

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This does not mean that all your obligations will be settled today, but you will feel relieved that you are at last doing something to actually settle your debts. This will prove to be very rewarding for you. You are little susceptible to cold and cough today. Their talent for teaching, philosophy and science will always be there to light the way, but it is balance they seek and emotional satisfaction in the material world.

Gout which represents recurrent attacks of acute inflammatory arthritis. Pet Chinese Mayan Name. Famous people born today:. Do take precautions in terms of your personal hygiene.

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Wash your hands often and especially before eating. If possible, you are advised to take rest so that you ward off any illness that might be looming close by. Also, take regular and sound sleep as that will help you relax. February 13 horoscope and zodiac sign meanings.! Sagittarius Daily Horoscope. Wish I knew the year. I was just wondering if we would gat dates for any of the adults. So far, it seemed to be only Harry's generation.

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I promise to come back and read everything I've missed. I love this thread! I'm no good with the planets role in each house stuff, but I love wondering about the characters sun signs I see what everybody is saying about Snape and the Capricorn thing, but I am convinced he is full on Scorpio. Not to mention the way he is described when he insults Harry. He insults, then he pauses to savor how great the insult was and that he gets a reaction.

Dumbledore - Piceas all the way. The jokes, the twinkle in his eye, his spiritual quality. The man cries - he feels things deeply. Not rash enough to be a fire sign. Hard-working, frank, a tad stubborn, a stickler for rules. But I feel there is some fire Aries? Handsome, intelligent, a bit flighty, hates being out of the loop, charming I think Dumbledore calls him "active".

Not the most practical guy, bless him. Great sense of sarcastic humor I don't get that Neville - is it possible he's on the Cancer cusp? I know this sounds odd, but I see it in his teaching style. Attentive to details knows everyone's name the first day. He begins one class with line, "First things first". Plus he claps his hands together a few times But there is water there too piceas? The boy is always bragging about the delicious food he gets from home. Taurians love the pleasures of life.

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He's materialistic and stubborn to the point its almost funny never letting Harry get the last word. Do I even need to explain why? Impatient, courageous and easy to read. Page 2 of 4. Originally Posted by whizbang The only thing is, I think she's Originally Posted by Serpentine A good suggestion, but I can't verify it at the moment Originally Posted by whizbang Crazy guess: Originally Posted by whizbang Are some of his secrets venusian in nature?

FEBRUARIE 2019 - Horoscop amănunţit- toate zodiile cu Ghicitoarea Craica

Originally Posted by Serpentine Come to think about it - there's the secret room in the DoM rumoured to be some kind of Love Room; "a force at once more wonderful and more terrible than death, than human intelligence, than the forces of nature" and "perhaps the most mysterious of the many subjects for study that reside there" - OotP, Bloomsbury, p. Originally Posted by whizbang Again this is a fascinating chart, Serpentine.

Originally Posted by whizbang They may not have the same rising sign. Originally Posted by Dagmar So can you use the same chart you used on Snape for Sirius, knowing that they were in the same year at Hogwarts. Originally Posted by Dagmar I've read somewhere too that Taurus and Scorpio are kind of ying and yangy to each other.

Originally Posted by Serpentine Whizbang, what do you have against Scorpios? Originally Posted by whizbang But maybe living with so many scorpios is why I don't think that Snape is one. You will experience a crisis of values. You may experience a lack of self-worth and over-compensate by accruing money and possessions. You may also distrust your body, or feel that your body is not beautiful. You will learn to rely on your own and your body's experiences, and could become a healer.

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This a quest to develop your inner strength. You may find that you experience times of loneliness. These times are part of your lesson to forge your own creative life in order to give generously to the world. Originally Posted by Serpentine Since there's a new thread about Dudley's birthday where Dudley's birthday was mentioned as June 22nd according to the HP Lexicon timeline, which apparently was around the summer solstice of At the summer solstice there will be a new Your self-esteem is a key element in your life.

Your possessions can become a means of expressing yourself. Values are important to you, including learning to value yourself.

You value beautiful possessions, and are comfortable with money. You are bountiful and possess the ability to see beauty in things. Home for you is a place where ideas and information are exchanged. You are adaptable with your living arrangements. This may stem from living in different homes during childhood. You learn much in your family environment. You search for ways of expanding your creative self-expression. You may be inspired by children or vice versa. You like the freedom to express your sense of fun and creativity. This represents a quest to create own your destiny.

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  5. You need to give up your personal dreams and develop self-discipline to build a creative life. Daily routine is comforting for you.